The coolest citrus juicer on the block is the Metrokane juicer

The coolest citrus juicer on the block is the Metrokane juicer

Metrokane make the coolest citrus juicers around.  Seriously, if I had a bit more bench space, I would be lusting after one of these extremely cool gadgets because they are just so novel.  Just take a look at the Metrokane All-Chrome Mighty OJ, even if it sounds cheesy on first hearing just take a look at the style of this baby.

Metrokane juicer

This is the world’s largest selling mechanical best juicer under $200 with an internationally acclaimed design, even showcased in museums around the world for its cool style.  It leverages an incredible 600 pounds of pressure making it quite certain to squeeze that last drop of lime or lemon or orange juice out of the little blighters!  The machine stands at seven and a half inches high, and weighs four and a half pounds.  The warranty that comes with it extends to a full lifetime for all moving parts.  The cone and funnel are both made of stainless steel, ensuring the smartest and most hygienic surface .

Now check out the Citrus Power, the “easiest squeeze on earth” they call it.  They claim it is the world’s most powerful mechanical juicer, which has more than twice the leverage of other professional juicers available today.  It has a stainless steel cone and funnel parts as all good citrus presses do.  It generates more than one thousand pounds of pressure just with is patented hand crank technology, it truly is a snazzy piece of work.  Stainless pouring pitcher included to avoid having to get any other parts to work in a streamlined fashion with the Citrus Power by Metrokane.  All moving parts come with a warranty and you will be looking at a height of 20 inches, and a weight of ten pounds.  This machine is not gong anywhere – except wherever you and your juice needs go of course!

The coolest citrus juicer on the block is the Metrokane juicer
The coolest citrus juicer on the block is the Metrokane juicer

It claims to be the new shape of the citrus juicer, and surely enough it really stands out as innovative and classy of design.  The shape is the first new manual juicer design in more than a decade, during which citrus presses have come and go but nothing like Metrokane’s.  The L-press is so called after its L-shaped profile, which will be sure to provide a talking point for anyone seeing your kitchen gadgetry.  The metal-flex design presses more juice out with less effort on on your behalf, and the body is made of hardened, curved steel and reinforced with die-cast aluminum.  Crazily well designed and sleek, it almost looks like something out of a tool box not a kitchen, but in a good way – it means business.

The design is a rack-and-pinion gear system thus allowing you to exert so much more pressure on the citrus halves than you ever would be able to do with your bare hands.  This juicer lets no juice hang around in the citrus peel shell!  The handle is a lever which turns in a 500 degree arc, creating up to one thousand pounds of leverage.  Insane really, for a juicer, but this thing as I said, really means business.  It comes with a twenty five ounce stainless pouring pitcher so you don[‘t need to spend a cent more on bits and pieces.

If you are after a dedicated manual citrus juicer, look no further than Metrokane – they are cool, chic, practical and best of all a very affordable price – for something that comes with lifetime warranty and will probably outlast you.

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