WHAT THE GOLF? Pc Game REVIEW There’s so much sport in What’s the Sport? Yeah, just lots. Golfing is never interrupted. You’re golfing at one hole, then you’re golfing at the next one, and you’re golfing your way there to get from that one hole to the next one. Even when what’s the golf you’ve done? The game never ceases. Do you want to carry out the credits? You must go golfing your way around them.

At the same time, the golf in What the Golf is very small? For what kind of Golf?His game is almost always anything but sport. Sometimes it’s baseball or cricket, sometimes it’s a first person shooter or an interplanetary mechanics simulation, sometimes it’s snowboarding or a driving game and sometimes it’s a cowboy vomiting in a bucket as electric fans try to blow his loogie off path


It’s also beautiful and humorous, it has a wonderful score, it’s full of secrets and connections and it’s quite hard sometimes. It is a trip through a fascinating and shocking universe where all is golf even when not. So when you’re finished with What the Golf? You don’t look that much like you conquered golf because you beat golf alone.

Whose Game is it? Have one simple system that you quickly learn: pull back, focus, and release. In every level of the game, this same control scheme is used to travel around the chart between holes and levels— although when golf transforms into cricket, swimming, archery, baseball, or any of the other items that it regularly turns into, completing the level is never as clear cut as simply pulling back and releasing

It is a game that is funny and shocking. Any time anything amusing happened I filmed it, and now I hopefully have about forty-five hundred minutes of footage that I will not place in gif form (with the exception of the few you see here) because the surprises are much easier if you find them yourself. Sometimes when you click the mouse button, what you believe you’ll be moving across the “path” of “golf” isn’t exactly what moves. Often when you’ve finished a point, there’s a stupid pun that fills the computer. I was smiling a lot when I worked.

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